2012-2013 Chevrolet Impala review

Chevrolet Impala, been around for years without major changes in fact this last freshening came in 2006 it rides on a decades old platform. Chevy Impala has a modern drive train a 3.6 liter direct injected. Extension. Speed automatic transmission. This is the same drivetrain you’re gonna find another GM vehicles. Such as the Malibu. The engine swap brings a lot of horsepower over 300.Acceleration times are quick but it’s no sports sedan fuel economy isn’t bad either we measured over 30 miles per gallon on the highway that’s pretty competitive. So far so good you think the modern 3.6 liter, V6 would make the car more pleasant drive. Additional information seeĀ Impala headlights atĀ http://ledgrowlightsonline.com/chevrolet-impala/headlights.html.

It doesn’t the noise from the 3.6 comes through in the cabin it’s not really as relaxed as the old pushrod powertrains. Beyond the modern engine the Apollo really hasn’t kept up with the times. Handling is clumsy and has pronounced body weight. The ride isn’t settled or controlled it rocks in Bob’s. The Apollo looks like a big car looks big on the outside it’s such a pretty small the inside the front seat so I can old couch their big an accommodating but they’re not super supportive in our car which cost $29000 doesn’t come with a telescoping wheel automatic climate control or power seat recline it’s really not a good value. Even the backseat is pretty small for the size car. Perhaps the biggest asset of the impala is its trunk it’s large. All in all the new engine transplant made the Impala better car, but it’s still like great if you want a Chevrolet Impala branded family sedan which it just sticking with the Malibu.