2016 Honda Fit | 5 Reasons to Buy

NBI Honda fit the big deal in fact this is only the third time Honda has redesigned its  top selling compact hatchback was it worth the wait here 5 reasons why the Honda fit could be a perfect match. Fancier features. We’ve never accuse the pit of being luxurious. The pit really steps up its game.

Honda FitBluetooth comes standard and leather upholstery is available plus Honda has improved interior materials adding some soft touch surfaces in place of those old rock hard panels. More versatile. A cornerstone of the pits appeal is always been it’s amazingly versatile interior and now is even more rear passenger space . 46 footers no problem this thing’s got room for the whole crew plus the fit so called magic see. Continues to offer multiple lay out for the best balance between people hauling and cargo power.
The fed has never been a gas hog exactly but we always thought it should be better than its mid thirties ratings. So we’re pleased to report that the pit breaks the magic 40 miles per gallon very getting a class leading 41 miles per gallon .

If it will never be known for its edgy style fifth model at some nice touches. You get standard 16 inch 5 spoke wheels or  optional bigger with. LED tail lights and a strong character line running down the side. For economy act doesn’t look half bad.

The manual transmission past 6 speeds instead of 5 and the automatic is a fearless even. For smoother more efficient perform. Plus the fittest quieter and more stable thanks to a longer wheelbase and revised suspension tuning . It’s just a better car to drive. If you need a hatchback that can do it  all for well under 20000 triumph it on for size.

Nissan introduced the first car for solid oxide fuel cells in the world

NissanNissan Motor Co., Ltd. introduced in Brazil, the world’s first prototype car for solid oxide fuel cell (Solid Oxide Fuel-Cell – SOFC), which moves at the expense of electricity generation from bioethanol. The advanced prototype of a light commercial vehicle uses a variety of fuels, including ethanol and natural gas as a source of electricity, as well as Nissan Qashqai headlight fuse.

The President and CEO of Nissan Carlos Ghosn said: “The Prototype of the e-Bio Fuel-Cell offers eco-friendly solution to the transport problem and creates opportunities for energy production in different regions, at the same time maintaining the existing infrastructure there. In the future e-Bio Fuel-Cell becomes even more convenient to use. It is easier to work with a water-alcohol mixture than with the most of other types of fuel, and due to the fact that fuel is required to create a new infrastructure, it has enormous potential to contribute to the growth of the market”.